Laughter and cheers!

Martha Nunez, Staff Writer

The homecoming rally for Hoover was filled with laughter, cheers, and excitement throughout the field. Whether from the choir, the band and to the talented dancers who participated, it made the environment really exciting.

The order was from Freshman, Sophomore, Juniors and lastly Seniors, and with the addition of the people participating in the color splash in the middle, and honestly, it was really well organized. The signs indicated where the students should sit, and nobody struggled with it, everyone was set to watch the show. The rally was perfectly timed for each factor (dancing, singing, teacher activities).

The only thing I would say that was disappointing was when the choir was singing.  There wasn’t enough volume on their voices so the audience could hear, and the students didn’t know what was going on. Their voices were amazing, but perhaps a change to the volume would’ve made it even better, so everyone could realize they had to stand in respect of the National Anthem.

My personal favorite part of the rally was the band performing and the talented dancers and cheerleader tricks that impressed the crowd away.  They were truly the best part. Every single performance was incredible, and every participant should be proud, it’s a huge difference from the rally last year (2018). The fact that there was only one huge background and not four different kinds for each theme, made things way easier and everyone just focused on where the groups were.

I personally really enjoyed the songs they put for every decade, they got every song right and the most relevant ones too! All in all, it was a great rally, and definitely organized and fun! It made the crowd enjoy every single part of it! Every detail and contribution put into the rally was beautiful, and definitely made it shine throughout the beginning and the end of it.