Jayme Villegas


Martha Nunez, Staff Writer

Jayme Villegas is a 16 year old student in the Social Justice Academy. She is the type of student who works hard for what she wants, and loves her friends and family. Her free time consists of watching Netflix and hanging out with her friends when the opportunity comes. Villegas’ music comes from a range of sad, happy songs, depending on her mood through the day, although she does enjoy Bachata to be exact. Her style is unique, and claims clothes are clothes, not needing to impress. Jayme’s dreams are to become a future actress, or work in the performing arts industry. Throughout her whole life, she has lived with her parents and little nephew, along with her grandma, two uncles and an aunt. Other than being loving and caring, she has done a lot of community service with her church youth group, and always wants to help in the best way she can. She is a passionate welcoming person, and pushes herself to get what she wants.