Resolutions everyone can relate to


Mr. Michael Heu, Adviser

The Cardinal staff wishes everyone a Happy New Year!  They have also listed their 2020 resolutions many can relate to.

Alex Ruiz ~ Be more consistent – with sports and my athletic life – It’ll only benefit me in the future if I do this

Denyse Lopez ~ I should have better time management because I always end up doing things last minute and come late to many places, I shouldn’t procrastinate on work because then I get stressed out with work.

Vanessa Medina ~ I need to graduate high school in order to get in the Army and going to college.

Elizabeth Llamas ~ I would like to travel because I would like to see more of the world.

Alexa Moreno ~ Start being positive about life because i need to stop worrying about the bad.

Thuan Tran ~ Build lasting relationships with people in real life, at home, and beyond.

Jireh Tapia ~ Being an athlete means exercising constantly. I am very good at keeping myself active so I don’t gain weight but they way I eat is bad. This year I hope to start eating healthy (Clean Eating) in order to help me tone my body (with exercise too) and improve my immune system. I will also drink more water.

Persephony Phoev ~ Be more confident

Paloma Ocampo ~ Get more organized when it comes to my binder because currently I have papers all over the place.

Jasmine Gonzalez ~ I want to spend more time with my dad. He can no longer walk very well, he can’t speak as clearly sometimes, and gets dizzy sometimes. I want him to feel happier, and being able to spend more meaningful family time with him. I don’t want him to feel left out.

Miryam Fajardo ~ I will continue to work on my grades and try my best to not procrastinate in order to be able to graduate.

Martha Nunez ~ I am going to stop being so hard on myself, and to start learning to love myself and try new things. As the year, 2019 ended, I realized that if I just let negative thoughts affect my mood and actions.

Annayexy Mala ~ I want to be more involved with the community such as creating new ideas and make events. I want to also prepare myself to become a motivational speaker to help young girls or boys to have a whole different positive mindset.

Barbara Hewett ~ I will not procrastinate.  I want to keep my grades up

Jackie Ocampo ~ I will try to study more often when there are upcoming tests and quizzes. Because those tests have been lowering down my grade so I have to improve on that.

Lindsey Arzola ~ I want to explore more places in L.A, I got bored in San Diego and never really have been around L.A so I want to go up there more often.