Jelani Lizagarra


Lindsey Arzola, Staff Writer

Jelani Lizagarra is a current senior at Hoover and part of the ALMA Academy. Jelani is very involved as he takes part in several programs around Hoover, such as Cardinals Interact, Academic League, and PTSA. This year he plays an important role to our senior students as the Class of 2020’s secretary.

“I really like to be involved in Hoover,” said Jelani.  “It’s a way for me to connect more with the community.”

Ranking at number 14 out of the whole 2020 class, Jelani’s future goals consists of going to UC San Diego to major in biotechnology, since it revolves around making new things for the medical field in order to help people. Jelani was luck to travel this past summer since he was part of a youth exchange program where he explored Italy. Curious about the world, he enjoys learning how the world works and the things it teaches him to do such as cooking, baking, dancing, programming, and many other things.

He also enjoys going out with friends during his free time, exploring and going on adventures sharing great moments and stories creating unbreakable bonds. Jelani is a unique individual who is passionate to give back to his community and a positive energy to those around him that puts them in a good vibe or at least a smile.