Iridian Hernandez


Denyse Lopez-Hernandez, Staff Writer

Iridian Hernandez is a 17 year-old senior at Hoover High school. She was born on July 26, in San Diego, California. She is in the AOIT academy and was a part of the NEST a few times. Her favorite subject in school is English and she enjoys playing the piano.  Other than school, she is focused on soccer and music. She has been a part of the Hoover advanced choir for two years already which meets after school. Recently, they won a competition where they competed against different schools outside of San Diego and won the Superior Award.  She has also been on Hoover’s varsity girls soccer team for three years and hopes this final season is the best.  In her junior year, her and the soccer varsity team won the CIF championship.  She was also on the track and field team in her sophomore year.  Above all these activities, she still continues on maintaining her GPA above a 3.7 and works hard to balance music, school and soccer. A college she’s interested in is UCSD and she wants to have a career in the medical field with a minor in theatre and arts. She is the youngest of five in her family, and outside of school she attends church and takes care of her nephews often.