People still judge others

New staff members voice their opinions

Mr. Michael Heu, Adivser

Isaiah Price

I have experienced being judged, and also with my family before, in many different areas around the United states. It really plays a toll in life that people, in 2020, still hold prejudice and anger towards certain types of cultures because they are not their type.

For example, I live in a nice area which is 80 % white and 20 % other races combine but I was walking with music in my ears and passed by an old caucasian lady holding her purse on the side.  As I was passing, I saw her clinch on to it. It made me think, “Wow, it still is out there and they are still stuck in their own ways.” I had another experience with walking in many nice stores and being followed because in their minds, I’m just like some of the rest and steals. In today’s society, it shouldn’t be like that because history has repeated itself and that’s sad to say.

Zabiba Abdi

I grew up in an environment where people looked alike or a little lighter than others in terms of skin color which explains why I have never experienced being judged by my skin color.  I guess people weren’t interested or paid attention to my skin color but that changed when I moved to the United States of America. I learned and discovered about stereotypes when I first moved to the states and it was something I never knew existed in the world. It influenced me to judge others based on their skin color which I later realized wasn’t right because I experienced what it feels to be judged by someone because of my religion in different situations. We should not be quick to judge people but instead be more open minded and get to know who that person is inside and not on their outer appearance. We can change that like I mentioned by being open minded.  We cannot ignore the fact that judging someone is easier than getting to know them but ask yourself if you would like others to treat you the same because you should treat others like how you treat yourself. Then the world will be a beautiful place to live in.