AOTW ~ Ashley Alvarado


Annayexy Malo, Staff Writer

Ashely Alvardo is a junior who is currently attending Hoover High and in the Academy of Health and Healthy Communities (AHHC). She was born on June 9th in San Diego and lives in City Heights. During her free time, she enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with friends and also being with her dog. Her favorite color is green and her friends describe her as funny, loud and helpful. Ashley’s favorite subject at school is math. Coming from a low income family and having a childhood friend who has cancer  are just a couple of things that have impacted her life. When she grows up she wants to study and become a dentist. She is also involved with programs and clubs such as Faces for the Future and Class of 2021. She describes herself as an outgoing person, passionate and hard working. Ashleys role models are her parents because they are hardworking and never gave up on their dreams. She wants to complete a four year university on a scholarship. Ashely has been playing soccer since she was five years old and is also a team manager for the varsity boys soccer team.

“Playing soccer has been a stress reliever and lets me get away from the outside world problems,” expressed Ashley. “I am the happiest while playing with my teammates.”

This past week, Ashley made four goals and six assists and has been a major factor in helping her team make the playoffs this year.