Providing purpose and direction


Thuan Tran, Senior Writer

JROTC, or the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, is a leadership and citizenship development course offered to Hoover students of all grade levels. Aligning with the Army Values, cadets learn to live their lives with loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. The course also serves as a complementary physical education credit. PT, or physical training, is expected three days out of the week and rigorous exercises are conducted to condition cadets’ minds and bodies.

JROTC provides purpose and direction. Finding value in every experience is a cherished characteristic.  Learning the fundamentals of citizenship and of one’s role in American society empowers cadets who seek to be greater versions of themselves, fueling them with the desire to exercise their American rights and spark change. As a reward for their applied knowledge, the JROTC model closely resembles the US Army by promoting cadets and awarding meritorious distinctions. Every cadet can be a Private, but only those who rise to the occasion become the highest officers. Although Hoover’s JROTC program is Army-based, there is no service commitment after taking the course. The sole mission of JROTC is to “motivate young people to become better citizens.” For employers and college admissions officers, participating and excelling in JROTC proves a substantial amount of applied leadership that makes cadets stand out.

Graduating seniors who have been in JROTC and meet the qualifications can opt to wear the distinctive gold JROTC stole. Displayed on the stole are the cadet’s name, rank, and awards. If you are a senior this year and are interested in this high honor exhibiting unit pride, please speak with 1SG Mercado, MSG Ruiz, or LTC Campbell at the JROTC HQ in room 800 before Friday, May 1st, 2020.