Under the influence


Luis Ordonez, Staff Writer

Peer Pressure is a feeling present in all teens. Teens are so focused on trying to fit in with other teens that they do things that can potentially ruin their lives.

Your teenage and high school years play an immense role in shaping the person you eventually are going to become in the future. Although we go to school to receive an education, school can also be a place where you can develop relationships with many different people, join clubs, and activities, and participate in many different sports. This can highly impact your years in high school and fill it with many different emotions that could affect how you would feel in many situations.

Peer Pressure is the key influence of members of one’s peer group. This includes the influence of underage drinking, smoking, the use of illegal drugs, cheating on tests, engage in sexual activities, lying, and skipping class. Peer pressure in high school is both harmful and effective because it can lead to teen depression, high levels of stress, negative behavior issues, and very poor decision making and outcomes. Peer pressure is something that can make high school a harder obstacle. It can cause depression, anxiety, and a huge amount of stress. All types of peer pressure can result in poor decisions including a very confused mindset. It’s something that causes conflict in somebody’s life. The very feeling of not being able to fit in, not being good enough, and not being a part of the group overwhelms and takes over the mindset of a regular teen.

Despite the fact that peer pressure is most commonly seen as a very negative issue it can be seen as a positive one in some situations. This can involve pressuring your peers, to be honest, avoid drugs, avoid alcohol, respecting others, working hard, exercising, being kind, and being responsible. Friends and loved ones have a really strong effect on the choices you make. Choosing to be around good friends who don’t force you to do anything you don’t like is good to have.

Luckily, Hoover High School has a strong support system of teachers and staff that can help when crisis arises.  If you or anyone in your peer group is experiencing pressure from outside forces, students can speak to their counselors or go to the health center for resources to help.