The restrooms could use more TLC


Isaiah Price, Staff Writer

In the past years that I have been at Hoover, the bathrooms have been kinda plain.

In the 200 building, the bathrooms are the most updated but have gradually declined from what they use to be. Many students have vandalized the bathrooms but know it’s not a place where you leave trash or leave tissues everywhere. I think the students who do this wouldn’t do this at their house but sometimes you really see how some people are in public versus when at home.

As the school years passed by, a few students had the opportunity to decorate different areas and one was the boys bathroom near the cafeteria next to the science building. I like it but I think it could remodeled with better floors and hand dryers.  However, it won’t stay as new because some students on our campus will find a way to destroy things but we can try to keep it nice. For example, the stadium bathrooms are very nice even though they are barely used. My fear is that some students will still find a way to destroy that too but it’s the mindset of respecting property that needs to be addressed and learned. There’s a new auditorium being built and I would be sad if some of the students on this campus treat it like trash.

We as a whole can try to make the bathrooms, and campus, nice and clean. I know the 200 building has a  bad drainage smell from the bathrooms and it stinks up the whole 200 building and it affects students. Now, the boys bathroom by the cafeteria floods every now and then when people clog up the toilet in the one stall. The bathrooms next to the library smell when the drainage is messed up. I just want the next generation to have better places to use the bathroom and also not be scared to use it. I think one solution to the bathroom problems is to make the students who ditch have to clean them up.