A positive campus climate makes a difference


Luis Ordonez, Staff Writer

Bullying is not a major problem here at Hoover High School as it is in other schools.

At Hoover,  the students aren’t bullying another so the issue itself is not an issue. The most bullying done here is students insulting each other among friends and even then it’s not that big of a deal. In this school, many of the students here are brought together because of the positive environment around us. Like our teachers and staff and especially Mr.Babineau.  They treat us with care and believe in us and we feel cared for so we feel like we can give the equal effort towards all of our peers.

Many people are aware that they can speak up about bullying to a teacher but I think that is ineffective because then that causes a whole other issue. If students are physically harassed he/she should speak to their counselor or another trusted staff member.  Sometimes mediation between the two parties is what’s needed.  An alternative is taking self-defense courses which would help but then again, fighting does not solve the problem. I believe we should have an anonymous box where people who are getting bullied can speak out against it without feeling like they are going to get harrassed for snitching.

Another example could be that they can just simply ignore the situation at hand and make the bully lose interest in what he/she is doing.  Most times the bully is just mad at him/herself for whatever is lacking in their life.  Also, the situation can be defused by alerting the parents of every student to take the time to sit down with their children in order to prevent the situation from even happening in the first place. The only time I have ever bullied somebody was in a game. I was beating them so much that it reached the point where I would not let them make a move inside the game. I stopped because I realized how much I was making him not enjoy his game and I went easier on him to allow him to practice more. But it was just a game, and sometimes on campus it’s much more deeper or serious.