To ditch or not to ditch?

But the real question is “Why do students ditch class?”


A popular place to ditch classes is the 200 building.

Felipe Gomez, Staff Writer

I think students ditch class because they do not care about class and want to be with their friends who are also ditching. I have friends who ditch because they do not like their class or teachers so they decide to make bad choices and risk getting caught and getting into trouble.

I have never ditched class. There have been times when I’ve been asked if I wanted to ditch class and I always say no to them. I have been stopped before by counselors thinking I was ditching but was not (perhaps I’m being profiled?). I have seen the same students ditching along with a group by the bungalows almost every day.  I see them and they do not seem to care if they get caught or not.  There’s also students who hang out in the 2oo building and 1200 building stairs.

The punishment for people who ditch should be lunch detention and a call home and/or Saturday school. The school should have more security walking around the campus and make sure students are not ditching and are in class. The school should have teachers send students who walk in late to class without a pass to to the office or have someone  escort them to the office so they do not wander off somewhere they are not supposed to go. If a student comes late to school, someone should escort them to class so they don’t leave and ditch somewhere else instead of not being in class.

The school should check the cameras.  If they did that more often then staff and teachers would know where students are hiding at instead of in their classes.  Staff should lock all bathrooms on campus between classes and only open them for 45 minutes out of the period.  For example, during 2nd period students could only use the restroom from 9:15-10 am. And the student will need a restroom pass.  Also, the buildings should also be locked and also opened if a student has a pass from his/her teacher and the pass should have the room number for proof that class is where the student belongs.

Honestly, there should be some real consequences for students who ditch.  If there were, students wouldn’t ditch.  Also, teachers and staff should have better relationships with students.  Maybe they won’t leave their classes if that happened.