Rose Yem, Editor-in-Chief

“A huge congratulations to the girls basketball team on winning and energetic, back-and-forth high intensity game last night against Vincent Memorial. They won by a score of 63-61 on two free throws by our senior Jurnee Harnage. The girls made history last night as they bring home their first CIF championship win for the girl’s basketball team. I am so grateful to have worked was such an awesome group of young women.”

 Athletic Director Vanessa Staley

Jurnee Harnage “Winning CIF was just like a goal accomplished coming into high school I knew I wanted to win at least one CIF title and my dreams were able to come true senior year.”

Brooklyn Samaroo “I felt accomplished and that all our work paid off to reach our goal.”

Serenity Chheun “I felt really like proud and excited especially to be a freshman on varsity and winning CIF my first year. It’s definitely something big and something that I will forever remember and something I can proudly say that I accomplished with my team!”

Sirr Mee “I feel very accomplished that we made history for the Cardinals like for basketball and I just feel very proud that we won CIF because it has never happened!”

Namaya Sowuunmi “I am proud of my team! We put in a lot of work and our coach put in a lot of work. He sacrificed a lot for us and we deserve to win and we deserve to win state too! We know we won it! We knew how hard we had to work for it so we put in all the hard work and we got the best result!”

Lucille Butler “It felt good because this is what we always wanted, like from the beginning of last year and when we went through that struggle of losing a lot of games…we kinda lost each other. So it felt really good finding ourselves again and winning CIF!”

Mehelet Shibre “It feels really great to win but it feels even better to be part of the new environment that we are trying to build the athletes which is an environment where athletes can feel like they are going to win. You know so that they don’t have that mindset where we can’t win because I know how a lot of Hoover sports refold and we don’t know how to win. It’s really great to be part of a team that is trying to change that!”

Josephine Tran “I feel accomplished because we put our blood sweat and tears and we worked very hard every day and we achieved something that people didn’t think that we will be able to do it.”

Stephanie Morales “Honestly I couldn’t believe that we won but it was one of the biggest successes and for my senior year I was really hoping that we won CIF and we actually made it happen!”