The 2020 Yearbook update


Mr. Michael Heu, Adviser

The 2020 yearboook theme is “We ARE.”  Over the course of the four years, much has changed on campus and the yearbook staff hopes this will be reflected in the book.  The bottomline though is that even though things have changed, We ARE Cardinals always.

“It was a real challenge to get the yearbook finished,” said senior Editor-in-Chief, Rose Yem.  “But hopefully we have captured what made our senior year the best!  And we were able to get as much in as we could before the school was shut down.”

The 2020 volume of the Dias Cardinales yearbook is now on sale. The yearbook is $55 until the end of June.  Teachers and staff should consider buying a yearbook as graduation, merit, or sponsor gifts.  The yearbook can only be purchased online.  Please click on the link below:

Hoover HS We ARE

Yearbook distribution will be announced soon!