The dark side of the pandemic


Annayexy Malo, Staff Writer

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected my life mentally, physically and emotionally because being home all the time gets annoying and can cause frustration. My mind is so unmotivated to do things because my routine isn’t the same anymore. I wake up late and don’t have the motive to do anything but just be on social media. I have gained so much weight because I have more access to food because I’m bored and not distracted enough. At times, I try to work out at home but I end up giving up because I’m too lazy. Staying home alone does make me feel some type of way because I think about sad things since I don’t really hang out with my friends or family members. I am close to some family members but things aren’t the same anymore but we all have a understanding that its best for all of us.

My mother and brother do go to work and I completely feel guilty because they are risking their lives by having to support our bills. To support my mom and brother I manage to stay home and not do anything dumb. When I’m home, I try to cut out junk food, spend 30 minutes working out, clean the house and try to be active by taking my dog out. Well It sucks how I’m not working anymore because I want to help out my family and stay motivated. Since I’m still a minor, I don’t get paid anymore so at the moment I am laid off until Seaworld opens up again. I wanted to volunteer at Clark Middle by giving out free meals but I’m not sure how to reach out. I am currently looking for a new job once all this is over because I need something better.

This pandemic has affected my education and school year because It’s going to be harder to understand when not understanding the assignments. It’s not the same communication with classmates or teachers because some students prefer doing things the old way.  I am not worried about any of my grades because I am doing well and making sure I get the work done. But I do feel bad for some of my friends because some are failing and won’t be able to graduate on time. I don’t play any sports but I am upset because of my meetings that I will not go to and I won’t be able to help the community by providing something useful.

Honestly I wasn’t going to attend any school activities because money was an issue and I had things to pay for and I wasn’t interested. But some of my friends worked so hard to pay for prom and grad night on time and were happy to have a new experience since some of them have never been to Disneyland. I am upset at the fact that we, as Seniors, are not graduating because we all worked so hard to walk across the stage and make our families proud. It just sucks because we all wanted to support and see each other because we made it this far. It’s that time where we all say our goodbyes because once high school is over, some students start a new chapter once college starts. A lot of people start doing their own thing and many friendships aren’t the same anymore. We all have different paths and dreams to.

I do miss being on campus because I was always everywhere since I was always passing out passes, moving around and being active. I miss my teachers because they were all so nice, funny and understanding. I’m really going to miss the memories because I learned so much and grew from them. I just hope that things will get better and go back to the way it was but some government choices are not good. I hope next year that the school won’t forget about us and try to bring all of us back because it’s really unfair how we didn’t get to experience our senior year the way it’s suppose to be.  However, our class of 2020 will be a part of a new chapter in history.