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Luis Ordonez, Staff Writer

In the midst of this Corona Virus pandemic, schools had no choice but to shut down for the remainder of the school year in order to prevent the spread of the virus. At the same time, they could not just stop educating the students so they devised a plan in order to keep the learning going. Many other schools around the country have selected Zoom in order for teachers and staff to keep in touch with each other, and for the students that are currently still in the school session.  Information about distance learning can be found on the San Diego Unified website.

San Diego Unified Instructional Resources

While at home, students face many problems with distractions. Some students procrastinate on their school work. Some parents are prioritizing the cleanliness of their house before their child’s education. Many students have siblings and they have to tend to them and this time takes time away from their school work.  Students and their families need to know that there are resources available if they are in need.

Hoover Student and Family Resources

Since students have no choice but to stay home many are taking this time to deep sleep or go onto a streaming service and watch shows. Many students play video games and some students stay up really late playing these games which messes up their sleep schedule They are so interested in the games they are playing that they lose track of time and eventually start to slip up in their classes for lack of sleep and attention needed for the work they must do.  Senioritis was hard but with this quarantine, it’s even harder.