Virtual is just not the same


Cathy Arrieta, Staff Writer

Seniors from high school have been waiting for so long to have a beautiful, and normal Graduation Ceremony. However, due to COVID-19, the class of 2020 has been offered to have a virtual Graduation in lieu of a personal ceremony.

Traditionally, a senior’s accomplishments should be celebrated through a graduation ceremony where they commemorate with all of their classmates and teachers, one final time before they go out to the real world and becoming adults. Having a virtual graduation makes most of the seniors feel like they are being denied from this big and special achievement.

Most of the seniors may agree on waiting until a time where we can actually have a normal ceremony. Teachers just want the best for the students but having a virtual ceremony is not it. It may be special for us, since they are thinking of us and they found that way to make us feel better about our situation with graduation, but what most of the students want is a ceremony were they can see their friends graduate and also see the faces of their parents, families, teachers, and staff, all full of pride.

What is the point to work so hard these past years just to have a virtual ceremony where it just may be a video with your photo and name called, or even just a ¨Zoom Meeting¨ waiting for someone to say your name and then log out of the call and continue with the normal day routine?

I think our graduation should be postponed so all the seniors can have a normal ceremony were their friends, teachers, and parents or tutors can see us graduate and be proud of who we have become when our names are called.