Adopt A Senior makes 2020 more special


Lindsey Arzola, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has been affecting everyone under quarantine for almost three months now, with events for Hoover’s seniors, such as prom, Gradnite, and now graduation, going from physically walking across the stage to family cheers, to a zoom call meeting at home. It’s been difficult for the class of 2020, being unable to participate in any activities.  However, it hasn’t stopped people from creatively finding ways of celebrating senior accomplishments.

Adopt-A-High School Senior 2020 is a Facebook page created by Debbie Thead Beckwith to have all of San Diego’s class of 2020 seniors become “adopted” by people who are willing to surprise them with gifts and goodies in order to help celebrate the most important milestone in their lives.

Adopt A High School Senior 2020 San Diego

The way it works is that a senior or the parent of a senior can post a short bio of themselves and their accomplishments along with a few pictures. Once someone comments they want to “adopt” them, they will be asked for a list of suggestions of what interests they have or what their favorite snacks are. It’s a different surprise for each senior, but most importantly it’s a kind reminder that the Class of 2020 will not be forgotten of their big accomplishments and that there is an entire community willing to help celebrate the biggest accomplishment in a very difficult time.  Please go to the link above and join.

Debbie Thead Beckwith, the creator of the Facebook page states that her reason for creating the page is that she had the opportunity to watch all of her five daughters walk and celebrate their senior year.

“I can’t imagine how all of these students AND parents are feeling,” expressed Beckwith. “I hope to see every single senior ‘adopted’ by the end of this.”

Beckwith was not only motivated by family, but the pandemic has affected her father, who on March 24th went into ICU with COVID.  She hasn’t been able to visit, but was able to FaceTime even if he wasn’t able to talk back, but for the now, the page has kept her focusing on the positive. The page created by the end of April and has grown.

When asked if she expected a large number of seniors she replied, “No, the number 7000 is more than I expected it to be. We are truly united in this page, I love it.”

Thanks to Beckwith, along with other parents or residents of San Diego for uniting and bringing more hope and motivation for the graduating Class of 2020.