Fasting during the time of Corona


Zabiba Abdi, Staff Writer

Ramadan is a holy month during which Muslims fast which means we can’t eat food until sunset. We have our time calendar where we follow and it’s the time we follow to fast and break our fast. The time varies, and it starts by adding a few minutes as we go through the days.

Fasting during a quarantine was a challenge. There were so many things we couldn’t do and so many traditions of Ramadan didn’t happen.  For example, we had to avoid big gatherings so we couldn’t go to our mosque and praying is a huge part of Ramadan. It is especially a time for families in this month for everybody to gather together, donate to the less fortunate and have a sense of closeness.

I didn’t feel that this time it was a huge disappointment because we can’t control the uncontrollable things so definitely next Ramadan I hope we get to fast with no problems. Even though it was a tough time to fast, I thought it maybe won’t feel like Ramadan but through the days between April 23 to May 23, I could see a lot of people making an effort to make it as normal as possible. Even though we couldn’t get to enjoy that one month, I am so grateful we could be safe and healthy.

For me personally the fasting seemed like it was going so fast but we didn’t get to enjoy the bonding it brings. It was kind of disappointing but better to be safe than sorry. Other than that, I believe it will be a memorable Ramadan and hoping next Ramadan to be different. One thing I realized was almost all the time I fasted during the regular school month was easier because most of the day was at school.  Bu this time, I was at home so the day felt longer than usual.