Teen “class” struggles


Angie Galan, Editor-in-Chief

The new Netflix originals series Outer Banks follows a group of teenagers in the North Carolina Outer Banks who are determined to find out what happened to John B’s missing father while stumbling onto one of the island’s wealthy secrets.

Outer Banks aired on April 15, 2020 and has been on Netflix’s Top 10 List for the past four weeks. The first couple of episodes of the ten episode series explains every character and their social statues on the island. However, getting to these characters almost sets the audience with identifying themselves with one of them which draws their attachment to the show especially with our four main “Pogues.”

The sensitive but passionate leader, John B; the damaged heartthrob, JJ; the intelligent mastermind, Pope; and the girl with a heart of gold, a Kook named Kiara. You may be wondering what are Pouges and Kooks? John B lives on The Cut which is part of the island where the working-class and minorities live, and who are referred to by the rich as “Pouges.” The rich side of the island where the residents are with their mansions, luxury boats, and country clubs, are referred to by the Pouges as the “Kooks.”  The Pogues and the Kooks have always had this rivalry going on about their territory on the island which leads to many problems.

The story revolves around the search of John B’s father and the mysterious gold lost in an ancient shipwreck. While in the search for the truth on his father and the gold, John B harbors a crush over well known Kook, Sarah, who is an absolute sweet but clueless girl. This series delivers so much summer fantasy and cliffhangers that take quick and devastating turns throughout the ten episodes. I absolutely feel like this is a show that touches greatly on friendship and empowering young adults to be themselves and that’s why it has quickly become one of my favorite shows.

My favorite episode has to be episode 8, The Runway, in which John B. finally finds out what happened to his father which sets off a chain events that jeopardize everything the Pouges have worked for and leading to someone getting blamed for murder. That episode had the most intensity as problem after problem unravels into the final two episodes which end in a major cliffhanger that will hopefully be answered in season 2.

I give this show an overall 8.5/10 because it is action packed and based predominantly on the connection between the Pogues. I wish we got more background on Kiara’s Kook year and there are some scenes that are just a bit cringe worthy. I highly recommend this show if you’re into teen mysteries and friendships or “Pougues for life,” like they say. If not, I still recommend it as it’s a great show to watch during quarantine.