Why I marched


Annayexy Malo, Staff Writer

As an individual, I participated in the La Mesa protest because it’s so sad how people’s lives are mistreated and voices are unheard. Everyone has rights, but some police officers think they can do anything instead of being understanding and acknowledging others’ feelings or actions.

History has not changed because people are still getting killed. Nothing has changed, that is why everyone is coming together and supporting each other. It motivated me to be there because I support every race and every race matters in life. Many people misunderstand the colors and also how President Trump called black people “thugs” and that is racism and it’s not right. The system is all just messed up because inequality keeps going on and people have to fight to survive. I don’t blame anyone based on their color because we don’t know how they feel or react until we are in their shoes.

My intention of being there was to support the community and to be a part of something by protesting in a calm and peaceful way. I have friends who are black and their lives matter. I know that Mexicans get mistreated too and I would want them to have our backs and we should all come along.

The energy of the crowd was so beautiful, loud and clear because we heard each voice from different people and races. I feel the riot and looting was so upsetting and most people blamed black people.  However, some of those looters were white and taking advantage of the whole situation by burning stores down, stealing items from stores, writing on the walls and throwing firecrackers.

The people who were protesting by being peaceful and mindful were cut short by those destroying areas where people have worked so hard for and cause some workers to lose their jobs. They don’t understand that it makes everything look so bad instead of trying to make a difference towards society. I can honestly say that people are tired so they use all their anger and actions to destroy cities to be heard and feel like they’re right.

I don’t support ignorance but I am understanding why most people are doing what they have to do. We are treated as less than by some of those in law enforcement. It’s true you should show officers love and respect, but how can that happen if the trust is broken by a select few who abuse the law?