Juliette Suarez


Lindsey Arzola, Staff Writer

Juliette Suarez is a current Senior at Hoover and part of the ALMA Academy. She was a part of programs such as Talent Search to help her with college and Y-strong girls where it helps encourage and support women to create a safe space and find career opportunities through representational speakers. She has been a major involvement bas a Hoover Ambassador for two years. In her restorative class, she worked with others to try to find ways on how school relationships can be improved, working along with teachers Mrs. Gooch and Mrs. Brewery. Aside from participating in programs, Juliette enjoys hobbies such as painting and journaling.  Her favorite food to eat is pasta fettuccine. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends that make her laugh and feel happy. During quarantine she has missed being with her friends to make her days feel fun as well as being around Mr Moya for making her feel welcome and checking in on her everyday since she walked into his class. Juliette has been described by her friends to be a creative and talented person and being kind towards anyone and motivating everyone around her.  This is what makes another great Hoover Cardinal.