Q’Shawn Thwreatt


Shanti Huerta, Staff Writer

Q’Shawn Thwreatt is a senior at Hoover High School and in the ALMA Academy. He is known by his friends, classmates, and even teachers for being one of the funniest people. He was born and mostly raised in San Diego. He believes some of his qualities are that he is very empathetic, understanding, and a hilarious person.

Some of the things he enjoys doing in his free time are reading, gaming, and loves hiking. He also loves to eat Haitian food. He has recently been listening to American Singer, SZA, and loves any song from Nicki Minaj. His favorite subject is theatre, and has been in theatre since going to middle school, CPMA, and has joined plays, and continues to show a growing affection for it.

Q’shawn has impacted Hoover and it’s students since his freshman year when he created a freshmen club that picked up trash around campus. Now he continues to inspire others to be their own person. Q’shawn is a part of Cardinals Interact and has excellent grades. He is proud of his last semester grades because he got all A’s and believes he will have similar grades this semester.

After graduating, Q’shawn wants to attend a UC school, but his dream is to attend UCLA and major in nursing. He is a positive person and sees the positive side of quarantine which is that he has time to focus on his grades and gets to wake up late. However, he misses some of his teachers and the fun times with his friends during lunch.