Don’t let technology take over your life

Don't let technology take over your life

Carlos Robles, Staff Writer

Innovation in technology started to rise in the nineteenth century. The first website was published on December 19,  1990.  About 29 years ago, the world wide web became available to the public. But at the time only about 15% of U.S households owned a computer.

In today’s world, most people have some sort of technology such as a cellphone. As time progressed, experts have seemed to come up with so many different types of technology, such as smartphones, laptops, iPads, smart watches, and the list goes on.

Technology has grown to be something that most people have come to rely on. It helps out in so many different ways though, for example it can help with directions and finding where a certain location is. Another example would be technology in health care.  It’s used to reduce mortality rate. For example, calling 911, and a reduction in car accidents with sensors. We also used technology for transportation so we can get places. Technology gives us easy access to information.

There are some negative effects on society relying on technology so much. With there being so many social media platforms and text messaging, it can have a negative effect on real life social skills. Currently, people just message their friends or family members instead of calling or meeting up with them. Society has replaced real life interaction with texting. It can also have an effect on our mental health. Social media can lead to people bullying others which can lead to  depression, insecurity, and low self-esteem.

Another negative effect would be education. Although it has helped a lot with learning, some people have come to rely on the internet to find answers or in other words cheat. You can basically find any answer or information that you need instead of reading the textbook and finding the information and learn more about the topic. So it’s an easy way to do your homework but students don’t use critical thinking skills which are important in today’s job market.

Here are 6 Ways to Stop Technology Addiction:

  1. Choose Outdoor Activities Over Technology.
  2. Rearrange and reorganize your bedroom
  3. Limit your Social Media Use.
  4. Set aside time to read a book.
  5. Create DIY projects that help improve a skill.
  6. Set yourself a time limit to be on social media.