We need to be even more safe


Alexa Moreno, Staff Writer

I haven’t really cared much on the rules like going out past 8 pm, as I don’t like going out. The masks have been a struggle though because I’m either forgetting my mask at home or when I have my mask on in public, I sometimes experience anxiety attacks and it’s hard for me to breathe and do my exercises to help me with my anxiety attacks.

People seem to have a harder time not staying away from people or going out because everyone isn’t taking this pandemic seriously. It’s hard because ever since covid hit, school felt like an option the first couple of weeks until I got back onto things and tried to bounce back as I’m not trying not to go down that road again.

Covid has affected my family because we usually loved going out to do things like shop at stores and going out to eat but since covid is still around 10 months later, it’s very limited to do the things we love. Some people don’t believe this sickness isn’t real and that the government made this all up but little do they know, it’s actually really bad and over a million people have died worldwide from covid already. I honestly don’t think covid is going to end anytime soon with everyone going out everyday and hanging out with people that don’t even know if they’re positive. In that case people are being ignorant and making covid stay longer.

I really think that covid will be in the upcoming year but who knows, miracles tend to happen spontaneously. I’ve had people close to me hang out with people unknowingly with covid and I’m so surprised I haven’t gotten it but then again I always carry my mask and hand sanitizer around just to make sure my hands are clean. It’s harder on families that have sick siblings or parents because you never know how bad covid can affect them which is the scariest part. My dad has diabetes and they are known to have weaker immune systems so death can possibly be an outcome to many people with diabetes and worse diseases. I just really hope everyone is being safe and smart on who they’re with.