New leadership is needed more than ever


Martha Nunez, Senior Editor

Covid 19 hasn’t been easy on anyone, affecting people, businesses and communities. Not only is President Trump handling this pandemic horribly, whether calling it a hoax and spreading lies about the virus, he degrades the loss of people’s lives from Covid, and doesn’t even care if people follow the safety guidelines.

In addition, there´s still doubt and controversies about Trump ¨contracting Covid-19¨ due to the lack of info of the medics who treated him at Walter Reed Military Medical Center. Relating to him degrading the loss of American´s lives, he’s also downplayed the virus since he left the hospital, on his recent announcement on October 5th. He’s previously attended rallies that don’t make masks nor social distancing mandatory and meet ups with his supporters near the White House freely. It is truly sickening to see the way he and his administration is taking care of the people, and wanting to risk more lives by opening up some parts of the country where it is still not at a healthy number of cases like other countries already have.

This pandemic has hit many families hard, whether it’s adapting to the ¨new normal¨, or struggling to find hope when nothing is coming out right. This year since the pandemic started, we have lost around 11.5 million jobs, although recently there has been 1.4 million new jobs in August, it still doesn’t make up for the job losses. Most of my family have been luckily able to continue their jobs, but there have been a few times my dad almost lost his, due to some people testing positive for Covid in his building, and as of now, everything is going fine.

Additionally, my community has been affected by it, with some stores closing down temporarily, while others had to close down for good, due to the lack of customers and cash flow. We all do our best to stay indoors and keep in contact with each other, from here all the way to Mexico.  I myself am still worried about what’s going to happen, school wise and thinking ahead on the results of the election, but I know we will overcome this soon, and one day hopefully say we surpassed a pandemic of this magnitude. The best thing we can do now while there’s still uncertainty in our future is to remain patient, wear a mask, wash our hands and keep social distancing everywhere we go, and VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.