The struggles that result from COVID


Emily Aranzolo, Staff Writer

COVID 19 has really affected a lot of people, financially or emotionally but it has had an effect on many of us.

Personally, the first few months, my family and I had it rough. My dad lost one of his jobs and well, he’s basically the one who worked two jobs to make sure we were financially stable. Since many places were closed due to COVID, it wasn’t easy for my dad to find a new job and at the job he still had (Dennys), he barely had any hours. Even though it was pretty rough at the beginning, we still figured out a way to make things work. My mom started working, cleaning houses, to help my dad pay some bills. I personally have been looking for a job to help my parents out anyway I can.

In my opinion, I feel like, maybe things are being done but it just isn’t enough, or maybe a bit too late. I feel like many people are just tired of being home and at this point, they don’t care. I’m pretty sure that there might be some things that we don’t know. I find it crazy how a very powerful old man, who is very selfish and irresponsible, contacted COVID and within two days he said he was in good condition. Meanwhile there are many people dying due to this disease many people much younger and healthier; But him? It just doesn’t add up to me.

I’m guessing this will be over within a year, but I’m not sure if things will ever go back to normal. Maybe they will, but it will just take some time, with how things are looking, it seems that the cases aren’t raising as much as I thought they would be. I hope things get better soon…hopefully in a few months, but I highly doubt it.