This pandemic hit my family and I hard


Anette Hernandez Diaz, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has taken a toll on society, my community and my family.

In the beginning, Covid was just starting to spread throughout Wuhan, China. Then, rapidly spread throughout the United States and it was only a matter of time when it landed in San Diego. Once it began spreading in my city, it spread near my community then my entire area. Covid has affected me and my family in various ways.

First, it made all schools and San Diego shut down and soon after small businesses. This caused low income families, including mine, to fear not having access to food that they received from programs. Classes were now done by distance learning on Zoom or other online applications. I started to have complications with my internet and sometimes the teachers had technical problems which interfered with my learning.

In addition, this caused a total disruption in employment and work hours. Now everywhere I shop or go, I must wear a mask and stay six feet apart from everyone including my family. When I went to boot camp over the summer, I had to wear a mask and had to be in quarantine for two weeks before I could begin actually training. While I was away, my entire family had contracted Covid-19 and were in the hospital for almost an entire month. I personally was worried my family wasn’t going to make it, because when my family spoke to me on the phone, they could hardly catch their breath and told me they were afraid they would die there. Luckily, they were better by the time I came home, but Covid has definitely impacted my family economically, mentally, and socially.

I believe our political officials are not doing much to ensure everyone is being sanitized or punished if not abiding by the law. For instance, I believe if people are not wearing a mask they should receive a ticket. I don’t believe it’s restricting their rights but is ensuring the well-being of everyone. I would say hopefully in 2025 things may come back to normal if a cure is found before that time. It will give our world a couple years to release the vaccination throughout the world. Then we can start rebuilding some of the issues that are still affecting our country right now.