Kimberly De Alba


Carlos Robles, Staff Writer

Kimberly De Alba is a junior at Hoover High and is in the SJA academy. She is 16 years old and was born in San Diego. She is an incredibly brilliant and hardworking student. She is a part of many programs at Hoover such as, Aaron Price, Mending Minds, Price Scholars, and Students Without Limits. She is also on the Hoover swim and volleyball teams. Her favorite food is sushi and her favorite artists are Harry Styles and Elton John, but she could listen to any type of genre of music. Her favorite color is either lime green or baby pink. The classes that she likes the most are AP U.S. history and physics. For fun she likes making earrings and jewelry out of polymer clay and beads, and playing video games. When she gets older she wants to study immigration law because she wants to help the people in her community.