Karla Sixtos


Emily Aranzolo, Staff Writer

Karla Sixtos is currently a senior and is a part of the AHHC academy.  She is involved in many programs such as Cardinals Interact, FACES for the Future, College Avenue Compact, and Wahupa Educational Talent Search. Through these programs, she is able to participate in academic opportunities and be involved and give back to her community. Karla is a young Mexican family- oriented girl who is ambitious for success. She is very passionate about the medical field and prioritizes her education to be able to give her family a better future, especially her mother. Everyday she sets goals for herself to reflect on the kind of person she is and has grown within her. Karla cares a lot for others and is always trying to make a positive impact in her community. Some of Karlas favorite hobbies are going on adventures with her family and friends, going hiking, listening to music, and swimming.  After high school, Karla plans to enroll in a four- year university, and major in neurobiology or psychology and possibly have a minor in business administration. As of today, she is focused on exploring her opportunities in schools and is considering and aiming for the best one that fits her passion for the medical field.