Demi Lavato


Emely Naves, Staff Writer

Demi Lavato is a longtime LGBTQ+ advocate, and revealed last year that she was open to dating women, saying: “That’s how I’ve always felt.”

Demi Lavato never really officially opened up to her parents about her sexuality until she officially saw herself ending up with a woman.

“It was actually emotional, but really beautiful,” stated Lavato. “After everything was done, I was shaking and crying. I just felt overwhelmed. I have such incredible parents. They were so supportive.”

Her father was not at all surprised by her admission and recalled some of the lyrics included in her hit song “Cool for the Summer” such as “I’m A little curious too” All her mother wanted was for Demi to be happy which was all that mattered to her. To her love is just love and can be found in any gender no matter what. Demi says she was always prepared to take a risk when it came to finding love. She is always the one who says, “Let me get your number or I slide into their DMs on Instagram.” Demi has also been reluctant to open up about the lyrics to her song “Cool for the Summer,” which many say has Sapphic undertones. Demi has long been an LGBTQ+ activist though, as seen when she chose Danica Roem, the first transgender person to be elected to the Virginia House of Representatives, to be her date to the American Music Awards.

Demi Lovato has a history of not discussing her sexuality directly. Interviewers in the past have asked the singer about her sexuality and she has declined to comment. She feels that when someone is single, they are free and perfectly happy with life. During her past relationships, she has felt that she was never really learning about herself. Now she knows what she likes, what she needs and what she wants.