I prefer online learning


Luisana Chavez, Staff Writer

Covid-19 has been affecting each and every single person I know, including myself. Whether we are affected mentally, physically, emotionally, for the most part, we are all going through the same things right now.

Around the months of June and July, I felt severely depressed for a while because I wasn’t able to go outside and experience nature like I used to on a daily basis. I was out of touch with reality and couldn’t do much about it since I refused to go outside because of Covid. My anxiety had gotten worse when I would leave my house to do anything but now I try not to let it take over me.

A few months ago or so, my grandfather had gotten really sick in Mexico and we thought he had possibly been affected by Covid-19. Turns out it was other health related issues but it was very scary to think about him having a virus that could have ended his life. I know a few people that have recovered from Coronavirus and it’s really scary to have to go through it.

My sister’s sister in law had tested positive for Coronavirus a few months ago and she couldn’t be with her 1-year-old baby boy. I couldn’t even imagine what she had to go through without seeing her son but she was able to recover. My sister had also been in contact with her a few days before she tested positive so she had to be cautious of any symptoms and I know she would get a lot of anxiety thinking about it too.

The past seven or so months have felt really short but when I’m able to think back on it, I feel like a lot has happened. I haven’t really struggled with the idea of doing school online since March because I personally prefer it that way. I am able to express myself through my writing without dealing with other student’s or a lot of group work. There are a few classes though that I would rather do in person though like ceramics or orchestra. I don’t think we’ll go back to school any time soon though and I don’t think I would really look forward to it either.

Overall, the lockdown of Covid has affected me more than the actual virus has, but I try to look forward to whatever is to come next in this life.