Lucy Butler


Darianna Sprewell, Staff Writer

Lucy Butler was born in Okinawa Japan on July 23. She is 16 years old and in the 11th grade. She has three siblings and currently two have graduated from Hoover and one is in his last year. Lucy is the captain of the girls varsity basketball team and she’s only played for two years. Her mom inspires and motivates her on and off the court. Lucy says basketball has changed her into who she is today because it made her realize she can conquer  a lot if she believes and achieves. After high school she wants to attend college at UCSD and  play college basketball and get her bachelors degree in psychology. Some of Lucy’s aspirations in life are to be able to win two more championships  or to play basketball in college. Some of her mental blocks are being afraid of letting her anger get the best of her or letting some of her teammates down . Lucy is a  great representative of Hoover High School because she is a student athlete and maintains a GPA of a 4.1.