How much is too much?


Carlos Robles, Staff Writer

There are many pros and cons to having access to technology. It gives people access to the internet, a place where you can find information about a simple homework assignment or it can be a place where you can talk to your friends on social media. But there’s also so many scary and troubling things on the internet.

For Children I’d say you have to be extremely careful as to letting them use technology because you never know what they could be looking at or what they could be doing on their devices. There have been many times where kids have bullied others and talk about each other on social media and for kids to see that at such a young age could lead to depression and at times it has lead to suicide. So parents should be careful and keep an eye out while their children are using technology and keep some restrictions but yet try not to over restrict because it can hinder a relationship between a child and their parent.

Another reason parents should restrict technology with their children is because spending too much time on technology can affect their social skills and the way we communicate with others. Cybersecurity software and systems can help ensure that kids stay safe while using technology.  A big issue with technology is that it can cause sleep deprivation.  For example, children could be up all night playing video games or watching movies or talking to their friends instead of going to bed on time and not getting enough sleep and it can affect their grades in school. With sleep deprivation it can lead to stress and depression.

A UCLA study self-reported that teens spent an average of more than four hours on a typical school day texting, watching television and playing video games. Technology can be responsible for the lack of moderation, impulse control and self discipline which are main traits of an addictive personality. Technology is a great asset to the world but if used poorly, it can result in negative effects. So we should always keep a limit for ourselves and especially for children.