When will it be over?


Emely Naves, Staff Writer

At the beginning of this pandemic people lost jobs, businesses shut down and schools closed. It was something that we all thought was only going to hit for a while but no one thought it would be this long and for it to still be continuing to get worse.

While at home me and my family started spending more time with each other, and I feel like that was something that we needed at least for a little bit.  Watching the news and hearing that families struggle with their children understanding school work or how to make a computer work…I can relate to this because I have two younger siblings who sometimes have a hard time getting their computers to work.  I can’t help a lot because I also have classes. I do think it has been something really harmful not only to us but also our environment, causing plastic pollution.

During these times, I see that both of my parents work extra hard in order for me and my siblings and to be able to have the materials that we all need in our home but they are not alone.  While I stayed home, I started doing nails and trying to start a small business in order to help them out a little bit with some house bills. I know that we can all fight this virus if we all come together and make sure we follow all the regulations that are given to us.

There are people out there that think this whole thing is a joke but now that it’s being seen more and more, I think those people should open their eyes a bit more and see the real world that we all live in and that sooner or later we can all fight this.