Alexis Brown


Carlos Robles, Staff Writer

Alexis Brown is 16 years old and was born on November 18 in San Diego, CA. She has been attending Hoover since freshman year. Alexis is in the Health academy as well as FACES for the Future. She has been a part of the cheer team since sophomore year. She has kept some of her friends since the 7th grade and they can tell you that she is a hard working, well organized, intelligent and trustworthy person. After high school she wants to go to college and study to become a registered nurse. Her favorite subject in school is history and her favorite color is yellow. During her free time she likes to watch Netflix, hang out with her friends, read and be on Tik Tok. She loves listening to R&B and pop music and loves to go out and eat sushi. During these tough times we are going through at the moment, Alexis isn’t really a big fan of distance learning but she still manages to get her work done.