A change in the climate is happening


Luisana Chavez, Staff Writer

Climate change is a change in average conditions, such as temperature, in a region over a long period of time.

Climate change is happening now because humans are constantly increasing the climate and the earth’s temperature by burning fossil fuels, cutting down rain forests, and farming livestock to name a few. All of these actions add huge amounts of greenhouse gases to the ones naturally occurring in the atmosphere. Adding these gases increases the greenhouse effect and global warming which are all involved in climate change.

In San Diego, the increasing population is more vulnerable to climate change because of the public health that is impacted. This includes the several heat waves San Diego has been experiencing throughout the year and the air pollution in the area. Not only are the people of San Diego affected by climate change but so are the plants, animals, and ecosystems. Rising sea levels threaten the communities and shelters of the species living near the ocean. More frequently occurring wildfires and storms also destroy the environment and surrounding life.

Currently, the city of San Diego is in the process of developing a climate action plan to reduce the pollution that causes climate change. The action plan also plans to prepare residents, businesses, and natural resources for the impacts of climate change. The Port of San Diego also adopted a Climate Action Plan in 2013 and is working to implement the plan now.

Individuals can help reduce these actions that add to climate change by doing a multitude of things. People can start helping their environment by utilizing solar power to reduce the dirty energy people currently rely on, stay updated on what is going on in their own communities, and even doing things as simple as turning off lights when you’re not using them or taking shorter showers can help reduce your own carbon footprint.