Online just doesn’t work


Jackie Patricio, Staff Writer

With everything that’s been going on with COVID and the restrictions, I feel like not enough is really being done. There’s many people going out to party, or out somewhere when they don’t feel good at all. There’s many stubborn people out there that will still go out just because they don’t want to feel left out and in doing so, put people at risk.

The way COVID has affected my family wasn’t very negative. A few members did end up getting sick, but thankfully it didn’t affect them too bad that they needed to go to the hospital. Other than that they also got to keep their jobs as well which I’m very thankful for. The way it has affected me personally, has been a bit negative.

To start off, school has to be online and I don’t do well with that. Why? I don’t learn much and I get easily distracted with the things around me. It’s all very overwhelming and because of that, I don’t do too well in classes now. Here at home, I have the tv, my ps4 and my phone to distract me from the work I need to do. What distracts me the most is my phone.

Anytime I get a text or notification from whatever, I just end up staying on my phone and not listen to what my teachers have to say, which causes me to get behind on what I need to do. Besides the distractions, I feel like a lot of teachers give us a lot to do. Just because we’re at home, doesn’t mean we have so much freetime on our hands. A lot of us have work, siblings to take care of, chores, etc. Hopefully in 2021 there will be some sort of “vaccine”, and students who want to attend school, will get that chance.