Lack of education comes in many forms


Emely Naves, Staff Writer

During these difficult times, I started to see on the news that many children were staying home with no education. It was something that got me thinking because it’s something that has become a challenge for society.

I’ve started seeing how some children don’t go to school and are working at a young age, which is something that they shouldn’t be doing because they are just getting started with their life. Everyone should be able to enjoy their childhood and focus only on school. For example, in Mexico, you see that some of the students are taking their classes in an empty area or some of the teachers drive their cars to give at least some type of education to the students. Throughout the news, I see how young children are out and working in the hot sun. Now that we are all in our homes, I started seeing that many students rather be out with friends, or just out and about instead of taking school seriously.  This has been something that I’m seeing a lot of people that I was close with.

A lack of education is something that many of the students don’t need; everyone should be able to have the same education as everyone else. No child should have to go through those hard times because they are young and they should be able to have the dream of becoming something in life.  Educational disruptions forced by the pandemic are hurting teenagers at a time when many families also are struggling with layoffs.  Some have sacrificed education to work and help their families.