Evelyn Arce


Emily Aranzolo, Staff Writer

Evelyn Arce is currently a 17- year- old senior who was born and raised in San Diego, CA. She is the oldest sibling and has one younger brother, her role model is her mother. Evelyn is a part of the Health Academy and FACES for the Future, being in this academy it has given her the opportunity to figure out what she wants to be in the future, she has gone from wanting to be a doctor, then a nurse, and a dietitian but has now settled on becoming a Biology teacher. Science is her favorite subject, and she owes her realization to Ms. Westfall because she’s such a great teacher that inspires Evelyn to exceed in her class. After high school, Evelyn plans to go to college and major in biology. Evelyn is the captain of the Tennis team and she has also been in track. Evelyn loves hoover, she likes going to games, likes participating in spirit week, and meeting new people in her classes. Evelyn likes to describe herself in the middle of being an extrovert and introvert. She likes staying inside and reading books and listening to music by Bad Bunny, Drake, and Kali Uchis which are her favorite artists, but she also loves going out with her friends.