When will relief come?


Elizabeth Rivera, Staff Writer

Is there gonna be a second stimulus check ?

Many are saying not to expect a second stimulus check this year according to congress. Time is running out for the U.S. government to approve a second coronavirus relief package. Even if Congress passes an aid bill early next month that includes stimulus check funding, it could take weeks for the IRS to electronically deposit the funds into people’s bank accounts, much less mail out millions of paper checks. So that’s where it leaves Americans anxiously awaiting a second federal stimulus check.

Republicans and Democrats are sending support and are trying to send a second round of stimulus checks before the end of year, but they still cannot come up with an agreement. There have been some disagreements the most recent stimulus package proposal put forth by Republicans, who currently control the Senate, but didn’t include money for direct payments. More than 160 million Americans received a stimulus check back in April, Congress approved a $2 trillion aid package in March.

House Democrats passed a $3 trillion coronavirus relief package in May, however Senate Republicans have pledged to block as the major parties struggle to find a path forward on the pandemic response.

American have been anxious for another batch especially with this pandemic. It’s been out of control with the lockdowns and layoffs, it’s been over seven months since the government began disturbing the first stimulus checks. Several lawmakers from across the political spectrum say they won’t support a new aid bill that doesn’t call for direct payments. Lawmakers could still pass a stimulus bill before the Senate adjourns for its holiday recess on December 18, but even if they do most economists believe it’s unlikely to match the $2.2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security.