Presenting Elliot Page


Luisana Chavez, Staff Writer

Elliot Page is a Canadian actor and producer who recently came out as transgender.

On December 1, 2020, Elliot took to Twitter and came out as transgender. He shared that his pronouns are he/they and introduced themselves as Elliot to the world. They shared their feelings and journey with their fans and wrote, “I feel overwhelming gratitude for the incredible people who have supported me along this journey.”

Not only did they come out but they talked about how scared they are to see how negatively people are going to react to them coming out. Elliot also discusses the discrimination trans people face and how they are treated very unfairly in this world, especially including People of Color trangenders. They mention several statistics to show the negativity shown to the trans community and they said, “I am one of those people and we won’t be silent in the face of your attacks.”

Elliot’s wife, Emma Portner, also took to her Instagram account and shared how proud she was of him. Portner said, “I also ask for patience & privacy but that you join me in the fervent support of trans life every single day.”

Not only did Elliot come out to the world but didn’t just make it about himself. He showed how important it was for him to come out and also acknowledges his privilege in being able to come out and be happy. Though they do mention how scared they are about receiving hate or having people be invasive, a big part of his statement is bringing to light to talk about the problem’s within the trans community today. They didn’t have to talk about other trans people in his coming out post but he chose to use his platform, to educate those reading, and talk about the 40, at least, reported trans women that were murdered solely in the year 2020, and the majority of them being Black and Latinx trans women.

In addition, Elliot clearly shows their support for their community and mentions how much he wants to change this world for the better, and offer all the support he can for a more loving and equal society.