Jennifer Camacho De La Rosa


Paulina Urias, Staff Writer

Jennifer Camacho De La Rosa is 17 years old, born and raised here in San Diego, California. She is currently a senior at Hoover high school and part of the Academy of Health and Healthy Communities.  She is involved in Aaron Price Fellows Program and a youth group called Urban Life Central on Monday nights. Many people may describe her as sweet, caring, optimistic and perspicacious.  Jennifer hopes to attend a four year university after high school.  She aspires to be something in the medical field especially a pediatrician because when she was younger, she was diagnosed with anemia which means she had a low iron count compared to others. Jennifer felt weak whereas her peers looked perfectly fine. Her pediatrician, Dr. Dao, always “made me feel loved and valued, she is the reason why I want to become a pediatrician and support other children in need.” Jennifer is really passionate about helping others whether it’s emotionally, physically or mentally.  In her free time she likes to journal, sing, bake and make TikTok videos.  She has also been captain of the cross country and track team for four consecutive years, and apart from running, she likes to bike. As of right now, she is focusing on keeping straight A’s so that she meets her goal of graduating in white. Jennifer hopes you all have a safe and happy winter break!! Remember to social distance and wear a mask, remember to find time for yourself:))