International flavors without leaving the city


Emely Naves, Staff Writer

One of my favorite foods to eat is a Molcajete Volcano at a restaurant called Negro Durzao.  A molcajete is a type of stone tool used to grind various foods. Molcajetes are used to crush and grind spices, and to prepare salsas and guacamole. The rough surface of the basalt stone creates a superb grinding surface that maintains itself over time as tiny bubbles in the basalt are ground down, replenishing the textured surface.  The dish is served in this type of bowl.

Molcajete Volcon

The Molcajete  includes a lot of shrimp and cheese. This is my favorite food because it has a variety of shrimp cooked in many different ways and has a hint of spiciness to it. I like this dish because once it’s handed to you it’s as if it was still cooking and you can hear how the molcajete is hot making the food boil even more. Other people who love to eat seafood may like this dish because it has a unique flavor to it that makes people want more and crave it.

This dish will maybe be found in other seafood restaurants but my family and I like to go to Negro Durazo.  It is located at 415 Broadway in Chula Vista.  They offer other dishes cooked in traditional Mexican styles with fresh cilantro, cumin, and chilis.  They also specialize in a variety of shrimp and seafood dishes.