Ruben Garcia


Leilani Llamas, Staff Writer

Ruben Gracia is currently 17-years old and was born in Tijuana, Mexico on September 18. He’s the oldest child in his family and is working part time. He is now attending his fourth year at Hoover in the SABE academy and will be graduating along with the class of 2021. He hopes that things will get better soon, so we can return to campus, and he also hopes that we are able to experience our senior activities. Ruben is a very happy, intelligent and positive person. He likes spreading positivity, and being able to help others in need and is a very reliable person. He’s very family oriented and likes spending time with friends and his siblings. Some of his favorite hobbies are playing football, going to the beach and exercising.  He likes being active and healthy. His favorite colors are black and red. Ruben is very active with the community in many ways, such as attending community service and after school clubs at Hoover. He’s planning on attending college once he graduates high school, and wants to be able to further on his education. He hopes to accomplish one of his major goals which is to play professional football in the NFL and graduate college.