Comfort food in these challenging times


Carlos Robles, Staff Writer

My favorite food dish would have to be chicken Alfredo pasta. My mom used to always make it when I was little and I didn’t like it that much. It was a dish she would always make for dinner. As I started to get older, it started to grow on me. Now that I’m 17, I always ask her to make it. If I could, I would eat it everyday. I even asked my mom to teach me how to make it. I like it because it tastes so good, the sauce and the chicken make a good combination. A lot of people like to make the sauce from scratch, but I like it from the jar. It also has a good flavor, especially when you add black pepper and garlic. I’ve seen other people talk and post about this dish on social media.

Some restaurants offer it. Restaurants I know that offer it would be Olive Garden

or Pizza Hut,

or Domino’s,

and other Italian restaurants,

And there are many different types of recipes for it. You can find many of the ingredients at your local grocery store. You just need pasta noodles, the sauce, broccoli, chicken breast, salt, pepper, garlic. It will taste so good you won’t regret it. The total for all of this is about 20-25 dollars retail. It’s not that expensive. If you buy two boxes and two jars of sauce it will make a lot.  Restaurants of course will cost you more.