Victor Velazquez


Eric Sanchez, Staff Writer

Victor Velazquez was born on September 25, in San Diego, California and is 16 years old and attending Hoover High School as a junior.  He is also in the AHHC academy. He has three younger siblings and will be the first to graduate from a high school. His little brothers will look up to him and admire what Victor has accomplished, so will his parents. Velazque was part of Hoover’s soccer team in his first year, his position was RB( Right Back) and was on the freshman soccer team. Victor also does soccer outside of school and it has impacted his life. He says that soccer taught him how to have discipline and put in some effort while playing. His dad inspires him and shows  him everything he knows about soccer.  Victor also says that his dad taught him to always be gentle to other living beings no matter what. Victor’s plan after he graduates, in June 2022, is to attend San Diego State University and to become a pediatrician or a mechanic. Victor is someone who you can trust and just vibe with!  He is outgoing and an easy-person to be around you. During his free time, he enjoys playing with his homies, watching some anime, solving puzzles, and going out to play. On a personal note. I want to “thank you” Victor Velazquez for being there for me and being a trustworthy friend.