Procrastination takes its toll

During the pandemic school year, students had to adapt to distance learning. The Cardinal staff were asked, “What are you procrastinating about right now and why?”


Asha Noor, Gray Boul, and Andrea Meda

Something I’ve been procrastinating about is my statistics work! I suck at math so I’ve kind of been struggling with keeping up in class. The motivation isn’t there for me but I’m still pushing through. Being in online classes doesn’t really feel the same as being in person. It was a lot easier to stay on track and get my work done but now it just isn’t the same! I’ve been staying on top of my grades with my other classes but math is the only thing killing me right now. I will finish my senior year strong no matter what. I just have to stay fully motivated. That’s pretty much all I’m procrastinating about, though, I’ve always procrastinated when it came to all of my previous math classes because it’s simply not my strong point.  Subjects that I think I’m really good at are English and writing.

~ Gray Boul

At the moment I feel like I have been procrastinating on everything. My mental health has declined which has caused me to fail several classes. I’m also procrastinating on getting fit. Sticking to a diet and exercising gets hard so I also fail and procrastinate on taking it seriously. Something I could do that can help me is talking to my teachers and asking for help.if I don’t ask for help I will just continue to fail. Something else that could help is doing the day it’s assigned. It helps you get things out of the way. When I don’t do that I end up not turning in the assignment or turning it in at the last minute. If I start now I won’t have to worry later and become stressed and overwhelmed. I also feel like teachers should also start checking up on students or students should create a stress group for students to come to together.

~ Asha Noor

During quarantine, it seems that I have been procrastinating more than usual and it is the case for other people as well. I am currently procrastinating on this assignment, on deciding what topic I want for my documentary, and my art project for next period. The one I am procrastinating the most on is the topic for my documentary since I do not really want to do it and because I do not know what topic I have a passion for. I am procrastinating on this assignment because it is early, and I am hungry.

For my art project, I am behind on many drawings and I have no idea what I am supposed to do because my Wi-Fi is trash. Also, I have asked my classmates what we must do, and they have no idea either so that does not help. But either way, I will find a way to get motivated to do all this work I have to do for the sake of my grade and future.

~ Andrea Meda