Live your life your way

During the pandemic school year, students have time to re-evaluate their lives. The Cardinal staff were asked to finish the following statement, “Life is too short to tolerate…”


Adriana Lara and Nancy Pulido

Life is too short to tolerate negativity and being in a lockdown. People want to live their life at the fullest and with a positive attitude and a growth mindset. Nothing that will bring them down and make them feel like they are forbidden from something or anything that will ruin their mood, which kills the whole vibe. The point of life is to go out into the world and explore and experience things for yourself. I personally think that going out and exploring gives you time to find yourself to learn what kind of person you are; who you want to be. Any one who is surrounded by negativity should learn how to always look past that and look on the bright side. By doing that, you grow as a person and little things like that don’t and won’t faze you.

~ Adriana Lara

Life is too short to tolerate fake people and to tolerate other people’s standards towards life. Our lives are meant to be enjoyed with the people we care the most about and we should have control as to how we choose to live it. However, sometimes we have  the urge to fit in with others so we surround ourselves with toxic people. We also tend to try and please others as well. What we should do is focus and put ourselves before anyone else because if we don’t, then we won’t live the life we want.

Although it may be part of life that we have people come into our lives and are meant to do us wrong, so we need to learn how to find the right people and focus on them. And we also know that others opinions about us and how we live our lives shouldn’t matter because at the end of the day, we will never be able to please everyone by the choices we make.

~ Nancy Pulido