Friendships that last

During the pandemic school year, students could not meet up with their friends like before. The Cardinal staff were asked, “How many of your friends would you trust your life with and why?”


Oscar Vicente and Eric Sanchez

I would say that I only have like three true friends in my life that I can always count on. But with my life?? Ahaha I am a dead man yO because everytime we in the chat just vibing, we do some stupid things and its hilarious. All my other friends are like just basic friends who you just hang out and have a good time. I understand my homie Brandon because I have been his friend since the third grade, my other two friends are Victor and Joselyn. I met these two by actually participating in socializing, shocker I know.  I always smile when they are around me. I had one other friend but he snitched on me or exposed me and I can’t really call him a trustworthy guy. I have been through depression and they never noticed it but it’s okay because they made me feel like I was not alone all the time. So I am very thankful for them and I don’t know about Brandon with my life. These three friends I have are the real ones and people who I can trust, no matter what.

~ Eric Sanchez

I would trust 10 of my friends with my life because four of my friends I’ve known since preschool and we have a lot of crazy funny memories with each other.  I know that if anything happens, they always have my back no matter what.  They are the only four I really really trust with everything.  They are basically my brothers.  My other friends, I met them during quarantine and some I already knew but got closer to. We started to trust each other more and more as time went on and I would trust them now with my life because it does feel like we have known each other for lots of years.  They will always help me with anything which is why I would only trust them and nobody else.

~ Oscar Vicente